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A diverse team of eight professionals posing with a 'KOOLBOKS' freezer in a modern office setting, smiling and looking towards the camera.
Fund Managers

Current Investments

Youth-led Business

Aruwa Capital Management

Aruwa Capital Management is a Lagos-based, female-founded and led, growth equity, impact investment company. As one of the few women-owned investment houses on the entire African continent, the team has identified an untapped investment opportunity, investing in rapidly growing companies that either provide essential goods and services to the rapidly growing female economy or businesses that are founded or co-founded by women or have gender-diverse teams.
Kim Kamarebe

Inua Capital

Inua Capital is a Ugandan limited liability company dedicated to the management of financing support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda. The Fund invests capital with a dual purpose: to generate commercial returns and to deliver on meaningful social and developmental impact. Inua Capital is licensed and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Uganda.

Committed Investments

Nneka Eze


VestedWorld’s mission is to catalyze growth and development in some of the most underserved markets around the world. The company believes that unlocking the economic potential that exists throughout these markets will benefit everyone and lead to a more secure and equitable world. They leverage their deep knowledge and networks to identify businesses that can play a role in transforming industries and places where they invest. They allow investors to do well by doing good, diversifying their portfolios and earning competitive returns while addressing global development goals.
Joyce Ann Wainaina

Chui Ventures

Chui Ventures is an investment company that backs exceptional African start-ups at the early stage of their growth. Their growing team has over 45 years of combined experience in global corporate banking, private equity, and wealth management across Africa, USA, and the UK.
Allert Mentink

SME Impact Fund

The philosophy of SME Impact Fund is to address the financial challenges that smallholder farmers face and unlock their agricultural potential by financing their buyers (SMEs, i.e., processors). Rather than financing smallholder farmers directly, which would be commercially unsustainable due to high transaction costs and high-risk investments, SME Impact Fund uses the relationship between SMEs and smallholder farmers to channel funding needs. This also fits into the broader value chain approach they promote.